What a Good Criminal Lawyer can do for you


A criminal lawyer will not only represent you in court for your trial but can do other things concerning your case. Your lawyer will protect your interests and rights and will build a good defense against your criminal charge. Anyone who is facing charges of a serious criminal offense in Tampa, is advised to hire an experienced Tampa criminal lawyer as soon as they are arrested. You need to seek legal advice before you talk to the police or you could risk seriously compromising your defense case later on. However, you need to make sure you hire a lawyer who is experienced with the type of charges you are facing to give you the best chance in court.

For some, hiring a private Tampa criminal lawyer is unaffordable in which case they can request a court appointed lawyer to represent them. Self-representation is an option, however criminal law is complex and unless you have in depth knowledge of the law as it relates to your case, then you may well be appointed a lawyer by the judge at the commencement of your trial anyway.

Although you may immediately think that a criminal lawyer will simply represent you in court, it may come as a surprise to learn the extent of the work they do on your behalf when building your defense case:

  • Negotiate with the prosecution to achieve a lesser sentence or reduce the severity of the charges
  • Compile a sentencing program which could help to avoid future charges
  • Provide support to defendants and in particular those fearful about their case
  • Be realistic in their advice to defendants about potential penalties if convicted
  • Offer advice on plea bargains if deemed a more viable option in a defendant’s case
  • Have up to date knowledge on current state laws, legislation and procedures, including paperwork and court proceedings
  • Work closely with court personnel and be familiar with court procedure
  • Spend sufficient time building the defense case including gathering evidence and witness testimony

Because criminal law cases are complex and involve a lot of work to build a defense case, hiring a Tampa criminal lawyer will ensure your case is managed at every step. A good lawyer will work to protect your interests and rights as well as keeping you up to date and informed on how your case is progressing. They should also inform you from the outset about the nature of the charges against you, potential penalties if convicted and any further impact these charges may have in the future. Not only will they build your defense case, but they will also ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and filed, attend the pre-trial hearing, communicate with all relevant parties and give adequate representation during the trial. https://www.muscalaw.com

When you hire a lawyer you need to be certain that you have confidence and faith in their ability to achieve the outcome you expect. In return you need to be open and honest about all details pertinent to your case and realistic about the potential outcome.

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